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PhD candidate Bonnie Etherington's debut novel offers a rare glimpse into grief and politics in West Papua

Eula Biss interviewed for Northwestern's "Research News"

Brian Edwards on Paul Bowles’s rediscovered 1959 Morocco recordings

On the season opener for The Organist, an arts and culture podcast from McSweeney's and KCRW, Brian Edwards discusses Paul Bowles’s little known recordings of Moroccan folk music, recently released as a box set. Bowles, the author of the 1949 novel "The Sheltering Sky,” died in 1999 in Morocco where he’d lived for a half century. Edwards is working on a new book on Bowles, whom he knew in Tangier in the 1990s.

"Sow doubt, stir outrage, fabricate conspiracies and cause national havoc": Chris Lane looks at the origins of modern political bullying.

Chris Lane's op-ed in TIME magazine casts a light on Norman Vincent Peale and Roy Cohn and how they've inspired Donald Trump's campaign..