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Winter 2020 Class Schedule

English 206Reading and Writing PoetryMehiganMW  9:30-10:50
English 206Reading and Writing PoetryMehiganMW  11-12:20
English 206Reading and Writing PoetryStaffWF  12:30-1:50
English 206Reading and Writing PoetryStaffTTh  5:30-6:50
English 207Reading and Writing FictionMartinezMW  12:30-1:50
English 207Reading and Writing FictionBouldreyMW  3:30-4:50
English 207Reading and Writing FictionSeliyTTh  9:30-10:50
English 208Reading and Writing Creative NonfictionSeliyTTh  11-12:20
English 208Reading and Writing Creative NonfictionMunTTh 3:30-4:50 
English 210-1English Literary Traditions, Part 1EvansMW  12:30-1:50
English 213Introduction to FictionLawMWF  10-10:50
English 220The Bible as LiteratureBreenMW  9:30-10:50
English 270-2American Literary Traditions, Part 2WilsonTTh  11-12:20
English 300Seminar in Reading and Interpretation: The Imaginary History of NatureHerbertTTh  11-12:20
English 300Seminar in Reading and Interpretation: For the Love of Literature: Don Quixote and his DaughtersSoniTTh  2-3:20
English 307Advanced Creative Writing: Fabulous FictionsDybekW  6p-8:50p
English 308Advanced Nonfiction Writing: The Video EssayBreslandTTh  3:30-4:50
English 312Studies in Drama: State of the Nation Plays (Post 1830/TTC)Davis, T.MW  9:30-10:50
English 313Studies in Fiction: Desire and Danger in the 19th Century Novel (Post 1830)LawMW  2-3:20
English 313Studies in Fiction: The Arabian Nights (Post 1830/TTC)JohnsonMW  3:30-4:50
English 322Medieval Drama (Pre 1830)BreenMW  11-12:20
English 332Renaissance Drama: Playing and Plotting London and the World, c. 1600 (Pre 1830/TTC)WestTTh 9:30-10:50 
English 338Studies in Renaissance Literature: Early Modern Sexualities (Pre 1830/ICSP)MastenTTh  11-12:20
English 339Special Topics in Shakespeare: Shakespeare: Global, Local, Digital (Pre 1830/TTC)Wall and PhillipsTTh  2-3:20
English 340Restoration and the 18th Century: Sex, Violence, and Consent (Pre 1830/ICSP)ThompsonMW  2-3:20
English 34418th Century Fiction: Jane Austen Judges the 18th Century (Pre 1830)SoniTTh  9:30-10:50
English 358Dickens (Post 1830)HerbertTTh  3:30-4:50
English 366Studies in African American Literature: Black Feminist World-Making (Post 1830/ICSP)MannMW  3:30-4:50
English 368Studies in 20th Century Literature: Ulysses (Post 1830)FroulaMW  11-12:20
English 368Studies in 20th Century Literature: Gender and Horror (Post 1830/ICSP)AndrewsTTh  12:30-1:50
English 372American Poetry: Walt Whitman and the Democratic Imaginary (Post 1830/TTC)Erkkil√§TTh  11-12.20
English 375Topics in Asian American Literature: Techno-Orientalism (Post 1830/ICSP)HuangMW  12:30-1:50
English 378Studies in American Literature: American Fiction in the 1950s (Post 1830)HighMW  12:30-1:50
English 383Studies in Theory and Criticism: Cultures of Information: Neoliberalism, Affect, and Global Media (Post 1830/TTC)Hodge/NoonanTTh  9:30-10:50
English 386Studies in Literature and Film: Tales of Oil and Water (Post 1830/TTC)WolffTTh  2-3:20
English 393-2Theory and Practice of PoetryCurdyMW  3:30-4:50
English 394-2Theory and Practice of FictionMartinezMW  3:30-4:50
English 395-2Theory and Practice of Creative NonfictionBissMW  3:30-4:50
English 397Research Seminar: The Age of Imperialism: Theory, History, LiteratureGottliebMW  12:30-1:50
English 398-2Honors SeminarMwangiW  3-4:50
eng-403-0-20Writers' Studies in LiteratureBouldreyW  6p-9p
English 434Studies in Shakespeare & Early Drama: Early Modern SexualitiesMastenTh  2-4:50
English 461Studies in Contemporary Literature: Contemporary Experiments in Racial FormCutler & HuangTu  2-4:50
English 471Studies in American Literature: Past and Future Humans in the Archives of American LiteratureWisecupM  2-4:50
English 481Studies in Literary Theory & Criticism: Theories of ComedyDavis, T.W  2-4:50
English 496MFA Poetry WorkshopCurdyM  10:00a-12:50p
English 497MFA Fiction WorkshopDybekT  6p-9p
English 498MFA Creative Nonfiction WorkshopBreslandT  6p-9p
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