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Long Nineteenth-Century Colloquium

The Long Nineteenth Century Colloquium supports Northwestern scholars who study the 19th century, in Britain and beyond, by encouraging state-of-the-field discussions that bridge various disciplines, research interests, and stages of career. Our time frame stretches from roughly 1790 through the First World War.

The LNCC Speaker Series features scholars from diverse academic specialties who contribute to our ongoing engagement with the interdisciplinary study of this exciting historical period. Our quarterly reading group, sponsored by the British Studies Cluster, is also dedicated to examining interdisciplinary methodologies in recent scholarship.

As a graduate student colloquium, we pride ourselves on serving a network of scholars pursuing British and global 19th-century studies at Northwestern. The LNCC fosters graduate student research by hosting professionalization workshops, connecting students to university resources, and providing students with access to opportunities in the greater Chicago area.

Affiliated Departments include:

2018-19 Schedule of Events


Thursday, October 25 - 2018

Screening of Lady Macbeth (2016)
5:15 pm, University Hall 121

Thursday, February 7 - 2019 at 5:15pm

Adela Pinch (University of Michigan)
The Story of O: Margaret Oliphant and Anti-Metalepsis

The Hagstrum Room (University Hall 201)

Thursday, February 14 at 12:00pm

Tristram Wolff (Northwestern University)
Language Erosion and Racial Formation: Thought-Figures from 19th-Century Philology

The Hagstrum Room (University Hall 201)

Thursday, May 23

Preeti Chopra (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

 The Hagstrum Room (University Hall 201)

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Past Participants

Past Colloquium participants have included:

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The various Long Nineteenth Century Colloquium events are co-sponsored by:

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