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The Second Annual English Honors Colloquium

The second annual English Honors Colloquium occurred on April 13, 2018. The Hagstrum Room was packed as five seniors presented work from their honors theses. At a panel on modernism in literature and the arts, Anna Kubacsek spoke about the “late colonial soundscapes” of E.M. Forster and Joseph Conrad, Helen Murphy discussed the relations between the novels of Virginia Woolf and the paintings of her sister Vanessa Bell, and Henry Burg compared fleeting moments of aesthetic perception in works by Edgar Allan Poe and Marcel Proust. During a second panel on race and American literature, Kori Cooper offered a critique of Gone with the Wind that drew on the lenses of feminism, critical race theory, and class analysis, and Taylor Mikulski spoke of time-bending, inverted narratives of American history by the contemporary novelist Steve Erickson.

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