Creative Writing Advisors

Writing majors and sequence-based minors will declare their majors or minors with an assigned a faculty advisor after acceptance to the program.  They may see any writing advisor when petitioning to graduate. Cross-genre minors may see any writing advisor to declare their minor and petition to graduate.

If you are unsure about which advisor to see, please contact the English Major in Creative Writing Program Assistant.

Winter Quarter 2015


Office Hours

Room #

Mary Kinzie,

Director of the English Major in Creative Writing

By appt.


 UH 224

Chris Abani

Mon 4-5

Wed 1-2

UH 113

Eula Biss

Mon 2-3

Wed 2-3

UH 214

Brian Bouldrey

Mon 2-3

Wed 10-11

and by appt.


UH 226

John Bresland

Mon 9:30-10:30

Tues 2-3


UH 013

Averill Curdy

Mon 2-3

Wed 2-3


UH 003

Sheila Donohue

Tues 2-3

Thurs 3:30-4:30


1908 Sheridan

Reginald Gibbons

Tues 2:15-4:15


UH 404

Juan Martinez

Mon 2-2:50

Wed 2-2:50

UH 407

Shauna Seliy

Tues 1-2

Thurs 1-2


UH 005

Rachel Webster

Mon 2-3

Wed 11-12

and by appt.

UH 019


January 6, 2015