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Audio from Peter Kline's reading from his new book Deviants



Senior Reading Series

The 2014Senior/Faculty Reading Series

January 21

Chris Abani

Mariam Gomaa

Mary Gulino

Laura Moreno

January 28

Juan Martinez

Nicole Bronnimann

Zoe Palmer

Sarah Thomas

February 11

Stuart Dybek

Jonathan Gleason

Kathryn Halpern

Bryce O’Tierney

Charlotte Pattison

February 18

Sarah Valentine

Caroline Dean

Noor-Ul-Ain Hasan

Ezra Olson

Peter Tolly



The 2013 Senior/ Faculty Reading Series

January 22

Sheila Donohue

Ahsin Azim

Travis Steele

Beth Leech

Kathleen Bock

January 29

Brian Bouldrey

Michael Fu

Danielle Littman

George Elkind

February 5

Stuart Dybek

Kendra Vaculin

Chloe  Cole

Jessica Tackett

Shannon Chen

February 19

Shauna Seliy

Catherine Mounger

Sam Block

Daniel DeSalva

Wendi Gu

February 26

Eula Biss

Nadia Hlebowitsh

Ryan Jenkins

Bryan Jewell




The 2012 Senior/ Faculty Reading Series

January 10

Mary Kinzie

Laura Jok

Allison Manley

January 17

Reg Gibbons

Jen Curtis

Elisa Sutherland

January 31

John Bresland

Daniel Campanovo

Ellen Maddy

February 7

Averill Curdy

Ali Pechman

Mia Warren

February 14

Rachel Webster

Stephanie Del Rosso

Steven Koteff

Amanda Laabs

February 28

John Keene

Priyanka Gupta

Jonathan Ayala


The 2011 Senior / Faculty Reading Series - Selected recordings available

January 18

Brian Bouldrey
Emily Anderson
Cresence Birder
Tiffany Wong

January 25

Eula Biss
Aaron Frumkin
Simon Han
Elisa Sutherland

February 8

Ed Roberson
Katrina Diaz
Andrew Greenberg
Alelliah Nuguid

February 22

Sheila Donohue
Anne Canter
Matt Pacult
Kevin McFarland
Monica Scheer

March 1

Shauna Seliy
Alana Buckbee
Monica Guzman
Hannah McKeen
Alex Bergstrom

March 8

Stuart Dybek
Max Allison
Leah Bettag
Katherine Defleise
Brittany Jaekel


The 2010 Senior Readings Series

January 19

Angela Mears

Rose Truesdale

Logan Wall

Rachel Webster

January 28

Annie Kahane

Jacob Nelson

Alberto Roldan

Veronica Roth

Mary Kinzie

February 2

Elizabeth Green

Lani Seelinger

Stephen Rosenthal

Averill Curdy

February 9

Katie Halpern

Nicole Roth

Reginald Gibbons

February 16

Joanna Beer

Jocelyn Huang

Caryn Wille

John Bresland

February 25

Andres Carrasquillo

Jack Neubauer

Shauna Seliy

March 2

Evan Rausch

Noel Slesinger

Sheila Donohue

March 9

Christopher Adamson

Katherine Docimo

Maria Provanzano

Madeline Weinstein

Eula Biss

March 16

Meriwether Clarke

Allison Keller

Aaron Kuper

John Keene

News coverage of the 2010 Senior Reading Series by journalism student Alyssa Karas.

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Annual Writers Festival

Each year the English Major in Creative Writing invites three authors to campus for a week of writing classes, public readings, and individual conferences with advanced writing students.

2014 Writers in Residence

Geoff Dyer - Creative Nonfiction

Rebecca Makkai - Fiction

Meghan O'Rourke - Poetry


Available Recordings

A master class by Geoff Dyer A master class by Meghan O'Rourke A guided conversation with three authors, moderated by Eula Biss
A reading by Geoff Dyer A reading by Rebecca Makkai A reading by Meghan O'Rourke



2013 Writers in Residence

Chris Adrian - Fiction

D.A. Powell - Poetry

John Jeremiah Sullivan - Creative Nonfiction


Available Recordings

A master class by Chris Adrian A master class by D.A. Powell
A reading by Chris Adrian A reading by D.A. Powell



2012 Writers in Residence

Jane Brox - Creative Nonfiction

Kate Daniels - Poetry

ZZ Packer - Fiction

In photo from left to right: Rachel Webster, Brian Bouldrey, ZZ Packer, Jane Brox, Kate Daniels, Mary Kinzie, Averill Curdy

A Master Class by Jane Brox A Master Class by Kate Daniels A Master Class by ZZ Packer
A Reading by Jane Brox A Reading by Kate Daniels A Reading by ZZ Packer


2011 Writers in Residence

Maureen McLane - Poetry

Nami Mun -  Fiction

David Shields - Creative Nonfiction

In Photo from left to right: David Shields, Eula Biss, Maureen McLane, Rachel Webster, Nami Mun, Shauna Seliy

Hear a master class by Maureen McLane
Recording of a master class by Nami Mun

David Shields gives a master class lecture

A Reading by Maureen McLane A Reading by Nami Mun A Reading by David Shields

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2010 Writers in Residence

Jo Ann Beard - Creative Nonfiction

Frank Bidart - Poetry

George Saunders - Fiction

Hear a reading by George Saunders Recorded by Chicago Public Radio's Chicago Amplified. Listen to a reading by Frank Bidart recorded by Chicago Public Radio's Chicago Amplified. Hear the guided conversation between authors Frank Bidart, George Saunders, and Jo Ann Beard led by professors Mary Kinzie, John Keene, and John Bresland on Chicago Public Radio's Chicago Amplifed.
Listen to a master class in fiction given by George Saunders.

Hear a  master class in poetry by Frank Bidart.

Jo Ann Beard gives a master class in Creative Nonfiction

News coverage of the 2010 Spring Writers' Festival by journalism student Emma O'Connor.

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30 Years of Creative Writing at Northwestern: A Festival

Held in conjunction with the 2010 Spring Writers' Festival, students, faculty, and English Major in Writing alumni celebrated 30 years of Creative Writing on campus.  A reception was held at the Hotel Orrington, followed by a career panel and a reading by four alumni.

Anne-Marie Cusac, Cristina Henriquez, Karen Russell, and Joshua Weiner returned to campus to share memories about their time as writing students, talk about their career paths after graduation, and read from their published works.

Listen to the reading here.

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June 3, 2014