Creative Writing Major- Poetry

"There is a foundation of language that can best be communicated by studying poetry... It's not just learning about the surfaces of an art form.  You can't merely rhyme; you have to learn how to sing.  You have to learn to be plain when that's appropriate."  -Professor Mary Kinzie

Quote from "An Amazing Adventure: The English Major in Writing Turns Thirty" by Lisa Stein which appeared in Cross Currents Magazine, Spring/Sumer 2010 Volume 11, Number 1.



15 Courses, as follows:  (Note: No creative writing course may be taken pass/fail or audited)

Three Introductory Courses* (only two are needed for application to the major) 
206 Reading & Writing Poetry**
207 Reading & Writing Fiction  (pre-requisite: 206)
208 Reading & Writing Creative Nonfiction  (pre-requisite: 206)

Year-long Creative Writing Sequence (3 credits):
393 Theory & Practice of Poetry

392 The Situation of Writing

Six 300-level literature classes*** (from English Department offerings ONLY):
2 on material written prior to 1830
2 on material written after 1830
2 from any era

Two non-literature, Related Courses****

from other department(s) that broaden a student’s background for the study of literature. Must be approved by a creative writing advisor


*    The School for Continuing Studies also offer courses under English 206, 207, and 208. These courses do not count toward the English Major in Creative Writing.
**   Freshmen may not enroll in this class until their first spring quarter. In order to keep the class open to potential majors and minors, seniors may not take 206.
***  Students who have completed both sections of either American Literary Traditions (270-1,2) or British Literary Traditions (210-1,2) can use these two courses to  

         count as ONE of these six literature courses.

**** Students with a second major or a minor will be considered to have completed this requirement.

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