Literature Minor

The department offers both a minor in literature and a two minors in writing: the Sequence-Based minor in writing and the Cross-Genre minor in writing; all minors offer experience in reading literary texts and writing critical analysis. Students pursuing a minor in literature or writing will be permitted to pre-register in the department after declared English majors do so.

Minor in Literature (7 units)

The English minor in literature consists of 7 units.  There are three required courses and four electives.  The three required courses are the sequence of either English Literary Traditions (ENGLISH 210-1,2) or American Literary Traditions (ENGLISH 270-1,2) and ENGLISH 298.

In addition to the required courses, you must complete four courses, two of which must be pre-1830 and two of which must be post-1830.  Courses are marked as pre- and post-1830 both in CAESAR and in English Course Listings, which is available here.

Declaring an English Literature Minor

You may declare the English Minor at any time. To do so, you will need to fill out a Declaration of Minor form (available in the Department Office, UH 215) and take it to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval. You can find out who the current director is either through the About Us page here on this website, or by asking at the Department Office. Once your Declaration form has been signed, you'll return part of it to the Department Office (you'll be added to the English listserv at this time), and will then take the remainder to the Office of Studies at 1922 Sheridan Road.

September 5, 2014