Minor Requirements

Guide to the Literature Minor

The English Literature Minor comprises three introductory courses and four core courses. The introductory courses familiarize students with literary traditions and teach the writing and analytical skills expected in advanced literature courses. Minors are required to take one two-quarter survey of literary history: either English Literary Traditions (English 210-1 and English 210-2) or American Literary Traditions (English 270-1 and English 270-2). They are also required to take English 298, a seminar that teaches fundamental skills in reading and interpretation and exposes students to new ways of thinking about literary texts. Minors should take English 298 after the first quarter of English Literary Traditions or American Literary Traditions.

Minors have wide latitude in selecting their core courses, but two core courses must engage primarily with literature written before 1830 and two core courses must engage primarily with literature written after 1830. Courses satisfying these requirements are clearly identified in English Course Listings.

Declaring an English Literature Minor 

In order to declare the minor, simply ask the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) to sign a Declaration of Minor form, available in the English Department Office (University Hall, Room 215). The DUS holds extended office hours each quarter. Once your Declaration form has been signed, return one page to the English Department office and take the remaining page to the WCAS Office of Undergraduate Studies, 1922 Sheridan Road. 


Minors are eligible to pre-register for up to two English literature courses per quarter. Note, however, that students may only pre-register for a total of two courses across all majors and minors. Pre-registration times are based on class year and student identification number, with seniors beginning on Monday morning. See the Registrar’s website for the specific schedule [insert link to specific page].