Independent Study

English 399 (Independent Study) is open to Senior Majors, Senior Minors, and Majors with Junior Standing in the English department. An Independent Study should be focused on a clearly defined subject matter of genuine intellectual and academic substance. The subject matter should be one that is not normally covered in regular course work. English 399 is a full credit course. It cannot be taken P/N.


Students must submit the 399 Application to the Undergraduate Program Assistant one week before departmental pre-registration occurs (this usually falls one week prior to the college's Open Registration, the dates of which can be obtained from the CAESAR booklet, or from the Registrar's calendar website. The 399 application must include:

* Instructor's signature
* A detailed proposal of the work to be done.
* An outline of how you plan to be evaluated

This application is then passed on to the department's Undergraduate Committee for approval. If approval is granted, the Undergraduate Program Assistant will email the student a permission number, allowing him or her to register for the class.

Honors: English 399 is no longer an avenue to Honors in English. For information regarding Honors, please review the criteria for Honors in English.

Please return the completed application to the Undergraduate Program Assistant.

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