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Submissions for Volume 42 (open topic) are currently being accepted
updated October 31, 2012

Renaissance Drama is an annual publication. Occasionally special issues of the journal are devoted to specific topics of general interest. Volume 42 is planned as an open topic volume.

While we are happy to accept submissions at any time, Volume 41 is closed to submissions. Later submissions will be considered for publication in subsequent volumes.

Renaissance Drama invites articles that investigate traditional canons of drama, as well as those that explore the significance of performance, broadly construed, in early modern cultures. We particularly welcome essays that question or apply to newer forms of interpretation on the study of early modern plays, theater, and performance; that concern works written in traditions other than the English (although we can only publish essays in English); the discourses that shaped and were shaped by the varied institutions of drama across Europe and beyond its borders within which it was produced; and manifestations of performance and performativity both on and off the theatrical stage.

Beginning in February of 2014, all submissions to the Renaissance Drama Journal will be made by uploading your manuscript to the University of Chicago Press. To begin the process, please click on the link to enter their Editorial Manager system.


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March 3, 2014