Andrew Leong Assistant Professor of English

Andrew Leong (AB, Dartmouth College; PhD, University of California, Berkeley) is a comparativist who works primarily in English and Japanese, with additional interests in Spanish and Portuguese.

Leong has taught courses spanning a range of textual and visual media—from nineteenth and twentieth-century Japanese and American literature; to comics and manga; to Westerns, film noir, and Japanese period drama. He is also a translator of Japanese vernacular literature written and published in the Americas. His translations of two novels by Nagahara Shoson—who wrote for a Japanese reading public in Los Angeles during the 1920s—have been collected in a single volume: Lament in the Night (Kaya, 2012). Leong's current translation projects include a three-act play by Nagahara entitled The Ones Who Leave (去り行く者, 1928), as well as a collection of three novellas by Tamura Shogyo entitled Flowers of North America (北米の花, 1909).

Leong is currently working on a book, The City of the Migrant, which recovers the writings of Japanese immigrants and sojourners who lived and worked in the United States during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Through readings of works by Sadakichi Hartmann, Yone Noguchi, Arishima Takeo, Nagai Kafu, and others, Leong argues that Japanese men barred from the full rights and privileges of political citizenship staked claims to a literary citizenship forged through bonds of male homosocial friendship.