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Publications by Chris Abani

Publications by Kate Baldwin

Publications by Eula Biss

Publications by Brian Bouldrey

Publications by John Bresland

The Seinfeld Analog (video essay)

Hanoi Jane, Mon Amour (essay)

Hook (video essay with Brian Bouldrey)

Publications by Paul Breslin

between my eye and the lightbetween my eye and the light

King ChristopheTragedy of King Christophe (translation)

Poésie, théâtre, essais et discours Aimé Césaire: Poésie, théâtre, essais et discours: édition critique (contributing editor)

Nobody's NationNobody's Nation: Reading Derek Walcott

You Are HereYou Are Here

Psycho-Political MuseThe Psycho-Political Muse: American Poetry Since the Fifties

Publications by Averill Curdy

Song & Error Song and Error (Farrar, Straus and Giroux).

Publications by John Alba Cutler

Publications by Nick Davis

Publications by Tracy C. Davis

British PerformanceThe Broadview Anthology of Nineteenth-Century British Performance (Broadview Press, 2012)

The Cambridge Companion to Performance Studies (Cambridge University Press, 2008)

The Performing Century: Nineteenth-Century Theatres History (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007)

Considering Calamity: Methods for Performance Research, co-edited with Linda Ben-Zvi, Assaph (Tel Aviv: Assaph Books, 2007)

Stages of Emergency: Cold War Nuclear Civil Defense (Duke University Press, 2007)

Theatricality, edited with Thomas Postlewait (Cambridge University Press, 2003)

The Economics of the British Stage, 1800-1914 (Cambridge University Press, 2000)

Playwriting and Nineteenth-Century British Women, edited with Ellen Donkin (Cambridge University Press, 1999)

George Bernard Shaw and the Socialist Theatre (Praeger/Greenwood, 1994)

Actresses as Working Women: Their Social Identity in Victorian Culture (Routledge, 1991)

Publications by Brian T. Edwards

Books and Edited Collections

Morocco Bound Morocco Bound: Disorienting America's Maghreb, from Casablanca to the Marrakech Express, New Americanists Series (Durham, NC, and London: Duke University Press, 2005). 368 pp.
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Cairo 2010 Cairo 2010: After Kefaya, a portfolio of work by the next generation of Cairo writers (plus a filmmaker and a comic artist), edited and introduced by Brian T. Edwards, A Public Space, Issue 9 (Fall 2009): 127-175.

Features new work by Muhammad Aladdin, Ahmed Alaidy, Mansoura Ez-Eldin, Mohamed Al-Fakhrany, Khalid Kassab, Magdy El Shafee, and Omar Taher, with new translations by Humphrey Davies, Brian Edwards, Paul Starkey and Adam Talib.
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GAS Globalizing American Studies, edited by Brian T. Edwards and Dilip P. Gaonkar (University of Chicago Press, 2010), 344 pp.

Contributors include Kate Baldwin, Ali Behdad, Wai Chee Dimock, Brent Hayes Edwards, Brian Larkin, Claudio Lomnitz, Donald Pease, Naoki Sakai, Elizabeth Thompson, Juliet A. Williams, and Kariann Yokota.

On The Ground On the Ground: New Directions in Middle East and North African Studies, edited by Brian T. Edwards (Northwestern University in Qatar, 2013), 112 pp.

Contributors Brian Edwards, Katherine Hoffman, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Rebecca Johnson, Henri Lauzière, Sonali Pahwa, Wendy Pearlman, Joe Khalil, Kristen Stilt, and Jessica Winegar.
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Publications by Joseph Epstein

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