The Graduate School

Below are the links to some of the more vitally important sections of the Northwestern University Graduate School's website:

The Graduate School (TGS) homepage

Academic Services - Information about the administrative underpinings of the graduate program. Though the Graduate Program Assistant will try to keep you abreast of such details as they become pertinent, every student is responsible for meeting all requirements and deadlines, adhering to all rules and regulations, and otherwise maintaining good standing within the Graduate School and their own department.

TGS News - Though you'll receive the information here in email bulletins, it's worth staying current through the Graduate School's site, in case you miss or overlook one.

Academic Calendar

Financial Aid - Information about student loans, assistantships, tuition, university-sponsored fellowships/grants/scholarships, and the technical details of payroll.

Satisfactory Academic Progress - Specific criteria set by the Graduate School that must be met to remain in good standing, and to stay on schedule as you progress through the program.

Community Building Grants & Activities - Support is available from the Graduate School to encourage and support both broad-scope initiatives and more focused projects that target a specific constituency, as long as they cut across existing departmental and programmatic lines. TGS funds as many proposals as possible, no matter how big or small.

Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative - Links to information about the Cluster Initiative, and to the specific clusters most commonly affiliated with the English Department.

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