MA Program

Application Deadlines for the Master's in English Literature Program

PLEASE NOTE: Applications will only be considered for matriculation in the following Fall quarter. However, we will be reviewing applications on a semi-rolling basis, based on when the application has been submitted. Our admisisons committee will be reviewing files, and issuing admissions decisions, according to the schedule listed on the How to Apply page.

Program Code - E25MA

Applications for the Master's degree are accepted throughout the academic year, and reviewed three times during that period. Students admitted to the Master's program currently average GRE Verbal scores of 160. We offer only a full-time Master's Degree Program in English; applicants interested in a part-time degree should contact School of Professional Studies for information about its Master's in Literature, in Creative Writing, and in Liberal Studies.

The English Department's Master's program is flexible in its requirements, allowing students considerable freedom in choosing courses in English and in related disciplines. However, this program appeals to a select audience, including students who may not have earned a Bachelor's degree in English Literature but who want to increase their knowledge of the literary canon and critical theory. Running in tandem with the Ph.D. program, the Master's program's admissions standards are exceptionally high, while it's important to note that there is no financial aid available for students in our M.A. program. As a result, the program matriculates a small cohort each year. Graduates of the Master's program have gone on to pursue careers in secondary teaching and publishing; they have also entered Ph.D. programs at the University of California at Santa Barbara, the University of Southern California, the Miami University in Ohio, among others.

Because a Master's degree is not a prerequisite for admission into our Ph.D. program, students accepted into our Master's program who are interested in pursuing doctoral work must apply separately to the Ph.D. program and compete with its annual pool of applicants. Subsequent admission into the Ph.D. program is for these students more the exception here than the norm.

Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts

Candidates for the Master's in English enroll in a program of studies consisting of nine courses. These comprise:

  1. Eight courses, at least three of which must be at the graduate level (400 or 500-level). Up to five courses can be from the list of approved upper-level undergraduate courses (300-level). 
    • Of these eight courses, up to three may be taken in related departments.
  2. One unit of Research (590), in which the candidate writes a Master's thesis of 6,000 to 8,000 words under the supervision of a member of the Graduate Faculty in English. Upon completion, this thesis is submitted to the supervisor and a second reader for their joint approval.

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April 9, 2015