Graduate Program Placement

Northwestern's English Ph.D. program enjoys a strong record of placement in tenure-track positions. In the last five years, the department has placed recent or finishing Ph.D.s in twenty-one first-time tenure-track positions, including such institutions as Boston University, SUNY Albany, Franklin & Marshall, Temple University, and UNC Chapel Hil.

A distinctive feature of Northwestern's recent Ph.D.s is their cross-disciplinary work in conjunction with such programs as African-American Studies, American Studies, Asian-American Studies, and Gender & Sexuality Studies.  Interdisciplinary studies undertaken by recent Ph.D.s also include film, history, history of the book, history of science, music, and photography/ art history/ visual culture. Our Ph.D.s have secured some of the best tenure-track positions in their respective fields, including the following recent examples:



Blumenthal, Rachel
American literature

Indiana University, Kokomo
Field: 19th-century American literature; life-writing; captivity narratives; literature, and psychology

Corredera, Vanessa
Early Modern literature

Andrews University
Field: Early modern drama, gender, and race

Daniels, Melissa
American and African American literature

University of Alabama, Birmingham
Field: Critical race and ethnicity studies; literary history

Dinius, Marcy
American literature

DePaul University
Field: American literature and culture; early photography

Harris, Carissa
Medieval literature

Temple University
Field: Medieval literature, history, and culture; gender and sexuality; manuscript studies

Knight, Jeff
Early Modern literature

University of Washington, Seattle
Field: Early modern literature; history of the book and reading; media studies

Roberts, Wendy
American literature

SUNY Albany
Field: Early American literature; 18th-century Evangelicalism

Slater, Michael
Early Modern literature

SUNY Brockport
Field: Renaissance/Early Modern literature; the history of science; science and literature; allegory

Smith, Joshua
Medieval literature

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Field: Multilingualism and literary exchange between Wales and England in the Middle Ages

Van Engen, Abram
American literature

Washington University in St Louis
Field: Early American literature; Puritanism, religion and literature; sentimentalism

Werner, Winter
Victorian literature

Wheaton College, Massachusetts
Field: 19th-century British literature; cosmopolitanism; religion/secularization; missionaries and mission societies

Since 2005, Northwestern English Ph.D.s have moved to tenure-track jobs or postdoctoral fellowships at a wide variety of other institutions, including but not limited to: Boston University (American), California State University, Northridge (Renaissance/early modern), Franklin & Marshall College (American), Cornell University (Renaissance/early modern), Illinois Wesleyan University (Poetry, Renaissance/early modern), Marquette University (Comparative Modernism), St. Mary's College of Maryland (Renaissance/early modern), SUNY Albany (American), the University of Alabama, Birmingham (African-American), the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Renaissance/early modern), the University of Pittsburgh (Modernism), and the University of Texas, Austin (American).

Several of our students have turned down tenure track appointments or decided against a career in academics at the university level and have taken jobs instead in editing, translation, library science, secondary education, the non-profit sector, and with organizations such as the Modern Language Association and Rotary International.

April 24, 2014