Graduate Program Placement

Graduate Program Placement

Northwestern's English Ph.D. program enjoys a strong record of placement in tenure-track positions. In the last five years, the department has placed recent or finishing Ph.D.s in twenty-one first-time tenure-track positions, including such institutions as Boston University, SUNY Albany, Franklin & Marshall, Temple University, and UNC Chapel Hil.

A distinctive feature of Northwestern's recent Ph.D.s is their cross-disciplinary work in conjunction with such programs as African-American Studies, American Studies, Asian-American Studies, and Gender & Sexuality Studies.  Interdisciplinary studies undertaken by recent Ph.D.s also include film, history, history of the book, history of science, music, and photography/ art history/ visual culture. Our Ph.D.s have secured some of the best tenure-track positions in their respective fields, including the following recent examples:



Rachel Blumenthal
American literature

Indiana University, Kokomo
Field: 19th-century American literature; life-writing; captivity narratives; literature, and psychology

Vanessa Corredera
Early Modern literature

Andrews University
Field: Early modern drama, gender, and race

Melissa Daniels
American and African American literature

University of Alabama, Birmingham
Field: Critical race and ethnicity studies; literary history 

Marcy Dinius
American literature

DePaul University
Field: American literature and culture; early photography

Carissa Harris
Medieval literature

Temple University
Field: Medieval literature, history, and culture; gender and sexuality; manuscript studies

Jeff Knight
Early Modern literature

University of Washington, Seattle 
Field: Early modern literature; history of the book and reading; media studies

Wendy Roberts
American literature

SUNY Albany
Field: Early American literature; 18th-century Evangelicalism

Michael Slater
Early Modern literature

SUNY Brockport
Field: Renaissance/Early Modern literature; the history of science; science and literature; allegory

Joshua Smith
Medieval literature

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Field: Multilingualism and literary exchange between Wales and England in the Middle Ages

Abram Van Engen
American literature

Washington University in St Louis
Field: Early American literature; Puritanism, religion and literature; sentimentalism

Winter Werner
Victorian literature

Wheaton College, Massachusetts
Field: 19th-century British literature; cosmopolitanism; religion/secularization; missionaries and mission societies

Since 2005, Northwestern English Ph.D.s have moved to tenure-track jobs or postdoctoral fellowships at a wide variety of other institutions, including but not limited to: Boston University (American), California State University, Northridge (Renaissance/early modern), Franklin & Marshall College (American), Cornell University (Renaissance/early modern), Illinois Wesleyan University (Poetry, Renaissance/early modern), Marquette University (Comparative Modernism), St. Mary's College of Maryland (Renaissance/early modern), SUNY Albany (American), the University of Alabama, Birmingham (African-American), the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Renaissance/early modern), the University of Pittsburgh (Modernism), and the University of Texas, Austin (American).

Our students who have pursued careers outside the academy at the university level have moved to positions in editing, translation, library science, secondary education, the non-profit sector, and with organizations such as the Modern Language Association and Rotary International